Deva blinds day 2014

Others think it is Valentines day, but we prefer to remember today as the anniversary of the launch of

Yet again we have grown hugely.  Last year we bought all our blinds from other manufacturers, now we manufacture 99% of our blinds in our factory in Chester.

It has been a hard time and growth shows many problems that need solving.  Things are running well now and we are producing our blinds quickly and well made.

I thank both our major suppliers, Decora blinds, Louvolite blinds, bloc blinds, santafe shutters and others but more importantly the customers of Deva blinds.

The most important part of any company is the staff that work for it.  We have been lucky and we employ a very dedicated and committed team.

The year ahead shows very exciting times, the diary is always full.

My wife May runs the factory and tells me that it is not only Deva blinds day, but also Valentines day, I did buy her flowers and chocolates!

Happy Valentines day.

Creating A Safer Home Environment For Your Children

Having small children in your home means appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure they grow up in a safe environment. While childproofing different areas of your home such as cabinets and electrical sockets, don’t forget to review your window coverings. Access to windows and dangling window covering cords can pose a safety hazard to curious children and even small pets.

“Although nothing replaces the watchful eye of a loving parent, there are certain steps you can take to reduce the risk of injury around windows,” said Tracy Christman, window coverings expert and Vice President of Vendor Alliance at Budget Blinds. “Window safety is often overlooked and it’s important for parents to be fully aware of all the potential dangers.”

Tracy offers the following useful tips to help parents get started:

1. Arrange furniture away from windows. Always set up furniture—such as cribs, chairs and toy chests—away from window areas so that they cannot be used to access window treatment cords. In addition to installing window screens, placing furniture away from the window area also minimizes the risk of the child accidentally falling out of an open window.

2. Choose cordless window coverings. The Window Covering Safety Council recommends cordless window treatments in homes where children are present. Shutters and roller shades are inherently cordless and come in a wide variety of playful colors for your children’s rooms. You can also select cordless cellular shades that provide insulation to help keep your kids warm in the winter.

3. Add safety features to existing window covering cords. It’s sometimes easier to add safety features to existing window covering cords than to purchase new treatments altogether. Options include breakaway tassels that are designed to break apart under minimal stress, and cord cleats, which allow you to safely tie cords up and away from your toddler’s reach.

A growing trend in the window coverings industry is motorization. Motorized window coverings provide convenience since they can be opened and closed using a handheld remote and also increase safety by eliminating the need for cords. Virtually any window covering can be motorized.


Deva blinds to enhance IT use

Deva blinds - Blind Matrix

Deva blinds Ltd has today agreed to use the services of Blind Matrix to greatly enhance its IT systems.

Deva blinds Ltd has grown to such a size that the need for  IT based solutions has become paramount.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, owner of Deva blinds Ltd said ” Due to the huge growth of Deva blinds, both in terms of the number of orders that we process and the area that we cover, we needed an IT system that can help us manage our customers and orders.”

Blinds Matrix seems to know what blinds companies need and are able to offer a great database driven solution.”

“Instead of having to search through paper orders, we can now search online for customers and answer their queries.”

” We will be using the cloud, so all information will be available everywhere, even on an iPad in a customer’s house.”

“This is a big investment and a big step for Deva blinds, but I know it will be pay dividends both in customer service and a reduction in admin costs.”

Why does Deva blinds not have a showroom?


deva blinds


The answer is simple – cost.

The day of the shop is over, costing over £1,000 per week, why do you need to pay for this.

After all, the cost of the rent, business rates, electricity, gas etc are all costs that have to be passed on to the customer.

Deva blinds is run from the internet and on the phone.  I work from home and come and see you at your home or business.

Why pay more ??

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Deva blinds is a company that can help you.