Electronic Blinds for Your Home and Office

window blindsHaving window blinds make the perfect appliance for your windows. These things have helped control light entering the room and maintain privacy for years since they were invented. Nowadays, innovation has led to the production of electronic window blinds. These window blinds can be remotely operated through a control. You can have the same benefits of having window blinds installed for your home or office at hassle free.

Get the best set of remote controlled window blinds for your home and office. You can see a large selection of different kinds of blinds here that could fit your personal style. You can choose from a variety window blinds made from plastic, wood and other materials. Each design has its own unique setup to complement for any home or office environment. Having electronic window blinds installed offers the benefits of regular blinds and more.

Remote controlled window blinds removes the need for you to adjust your blinds manually. If you have regular blinds, it could be a nightmare to frequently adjust the amount of light that enters through the room. With a remote controlled window blind, you can adjust them all with a simple press of a button. Electronic window blinds make good appliances for showrooms. Adjusting window blinds manually during any showcase of items in a room full of crowded people may not be a classy to begin with.

By remotely operating your window blinds, you no longer have to expend much effort while they can be adjusted in sync. You can make a good impression for your guests visiting your office or home with the modern touch. In this modern era, having anything operated electronically can impress people. With the right design features opted for your remote controlled window blinds, you can be sure guests are can be impressed.

Electronic window blinds may have a reputation as additional sources of energy cost. However, this reason could not stand when taking into consideration the benefits it actually brings. Electronic window blinds can actually help you save money from energy costs. There are several features that helps the appliance automatically adjusts itself to light, heat, and time difference. This also depends on the features innately opted in the product. Just like any other window blinds, heat can be prevented from escaping from the room with a simple adjustment.

New electronic window blinds in the market are manufactured with less energy consumption requirements as opposed to older models. This gives you less carbon footprints and more money saved throughout the year. Take advantage of the aesthetic features electronic window blinds could also have. The market has several electronic window blinds that have different classy designs to fit interior motif. You only need a reliable source to provide you with the right electronic window blinds for you.

Window treatments control light, add style

IYN1_SS___Content-300x225Window coverings are essential and need to be done right. To achieve a custom, professional look, you’ll need help from experts. We can come into your home to give you help.

If your home is in need of window treatments here are a few things to consider.

1. Blinds versus curtains: There are several different kinds of blinds, each of which offers its own features and advantages. Types of blinds include pleated, Roman, panel track and wood blinds. If you’d prefer curtains in your space, you can opt for anything from a light and casual breezy look to a more ornate, formal fabric with sophisticated pleating and draping. If you’re not entirely sure, your design consultant can offer helpful suggestions.

2. Combination solutions: Often, the ideal solution combines blinds and curtains. You might wish to have blinds installed on the windows, which you can easily adjust for light control throughout the day. In a layered window treatment, you would then add drapes or curtains. These could be functioning, with ample fabric that allows you to cover the window completely, or not; the curtains might simply be panels of fabric that remain stationery but add softness and sophistication.

3. Privacy: Consider the level of privacy you require from a particular treatment. In certain areas of your home, this may be of no concern at all. If you don’t have to worry that someone can see in, you might select a gauzy, more-transparent fabric or blind. If there’s a spot where you definitely want the view obscured, great options exist both in curtain and blind solutions.

4. Light: Window treatments are a great way to gain control over the amount of light exposure you receive. If a certain spot is too bright, you’ll get limited use from the area; you’ll avoid it because it’s just too uncomfortable. If the area is on the darker side but you still wish for privacy, you’ll want to preserve the light that does come in but add a discrete level of screening.

5. The view from the street: We don’t always think about how our window treatments appear from the exterior of our homes. For condo dwellers, there are often rules you need to abide by. Many condominium boards require all window treatments to have a white backing in order to present a neat and uniform look from the street. As a unit owner, you are responsible for this. Or, maybe you simply want to create a cohesive style for your home. The careful selection of materials — with a certain amount of consistency or symmetry from room to room — is a simple way to elevate the overall look.


5 tips to keep your homes warm and cosy in winter




Design with style: consider vertical blinds

635826716154671584-HES-SUB-110915-Luminette-300x225Sliding doors and French doors provide an interesting entrance while allowing more light to enter a living space. Natural light, usually viewed as a positive, can become a problem when the sun is in your eyes during dinner or breakfast. It also can affect the screens on your TV or monitors. Many times the consumer doesn’t think about the damage that the sun may be doing on the furnishings or flooring as it shines into a room.

If you decide to put a traversing drapery on your sliding or French door, you may be blocking the view or natural light that you wanted. To open the drapery wide enough to take advantage of the full glass, the drapery will need to be approximately 1/3 wider than the glass it is covering. That amount of space is not always available, and you might not want that much fabric.

When I get a call to discuss this challenge, often I also hear, “I’m not interested in vertical blinds.” First, I explain that verticals do provide an answer with a small stacking width, and then I tell them there are many more vane options available. Clients might be expecting a PVC vane, but woven fabrics with sewn-in weights on the bottom can add texture with a softer appearance. Also available are wood vertical slats to add a warmer feeling.

For a more formal or upscale space, Hunter Douglas offers Luminette. This product combines the advantages of a vertical blind, but has a sheer fabric on either side of the slats. You are able to tilt the inner fabric slats to the degree of privacy desired while enjoying the elegance of sheers. When they’re completely opened, a minimal stacking space is used.

The most popular solution that my clients choose is the Horizon woven wood drape called Averte.  With dozens of woven wood fabrics available, most room styles can be coordinated.  A warm cherry- or walnut-colored slat that blends with the room’s cabinetry or trim leans towards a traditional style. A nice blend of multicolored grasses and reeds can be used in a room that has a more tropical theme, with rustic options available for a more casual space. The track that this product is mounted on can be hidden under a decorative valance of either the same woven wood or an endless variety of fabric options. The track is also offered in decorative wood poles in many colors, with lots of options for finial styles.

To operate the Averte, you simply slide the leading wood edge. No cords!

Both the Averte and Luminette can be motorized so that with the touch of a remote control or iPad you are able to control the light coming through your sliding or French doors.

To view the photos in colour, read the design blog “Dream It, Design It” at blogs.publicopiniononline.com/dreamit.

Toddler died after hanging himself on cord of window blind


Thirteen-month-old Johnny Doran was pronounced dead at the John Radcliffe Hospital Photo: ITV Meridian


A toddler died by accidentally hanging himself on the cord of a window blind in his parents’ bedroom, an inquest heard.

Thirteen-month-old Johnny Doran was found suspended above the ground next to the window by his father Martin, 35, when he walked into the room.

The father-of-five, from Bampton, tried to resuscitate his son before ambulance crews arrived and took him to hospital in February.

The toddler never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead shortly before 10pm at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

Martin and Anne Doran lost another son, Martin Jr, to sudden infant death syndrome at their family home in November 2011.

On the evening of the latest tragedy, ground-worker Mr Doran had picked up his eldest son Jimmy, 13, from a boxing session, returning home just before 9pm.

His wife Anne and their two other children Larry, 11, and Margaret, nine, were watching TV in another room of the family bungalow in Weald Street.

Mrs Doran, a housewife, said she had sent her daughter to check on Johnny earlier in the evening and that he was fine.

The inquest heard that Mr Doran used the toilet by the back door before walking into the bedroom – which he shared with his youngest son – to put his coat away.

A statement by Mr Doran read: “I saw Johnny standing next to the window.

“He looked like he was leaning over.

“I knew something was wrong, he was not moving – he was limp.”

He then called the ambulance from his son Jimmy’s phone and gave his youngest son CPR.

Coroner Darren Salter said it was a “tragic accident” and described the boy’s death as “extremely sad and depressing”.

Mr Salter also encouraged homeowners to ensure their blinds met new legislation – as the Dorans’ set did not.

Detective Superintendent Andrew Ryan said that police investigations with trading standards found no wrong-doing on behalf of the blind company that now no longer trades.

The new rules state that blind cords – made after February last year – must either be fixed to the wall or have a snap-mechanism when more than 4kg is applied.

Mr Salter recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Window Covering Can Help Cut Your Energy Costs



SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – Sep 11, 2015) –  Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? Or maybe you are just concerned about how high your utility bills have been because of the recent heat wave in Southern California.

Recent studies demonstrate that up to 40% of our energy costs are spent on heating and cooling the home. Unfortunately a lot of this money is simply going out the window. Window coverings may help you lower your carbon foot print and your monthly utility bill.

For many homeowners, the goal of window coverings is for blocking light and finishing a room. Today you also have very attractive choices in window blinds and shutters that act as insulation for your home. Today’s window covering can actually trap air between the glass and the window covering keeping the air conditioned or heated air in the home.

Glass is a conductor of heat and cold and with today’s home designs and downtown condo’s windows are used extensively. Ever touch a glass of hot water or cold water the temperature goes right through the glass, the same is happening with your home.

There is an easy solution to this and the solution is very affordable in comparison to E-Glass. Not all window coverings are the same when it comes to energy efficiency. Aluminum blinds and Vertical blinds offer the least insulation since they have gaps that impair the coverage of the windows. Window shutters are much better but still have some gaps but are one of the better choices. Cellular shades we recommend as the cells are designed to trap air and when custom designed sit very flush in the window frame.

Combining cellular shades with window curtains will give you the best energy- efficiency. Curtains that are designed correctly with pelmets prevent air from escaping upwards into a room and a total block out lining prevents air from escaping.

Today’s homes are designed to be more energy efficient from appliances to solar panels but many times the window coverings are overlooked. San Diego Window Fashions is San Diego’s most trusted name for affordable window coverings and blinds. With over a decade of experience in the window covering industry we off all the top brands at affordable prices.



Sustainable Faber Blinds products feature in new landmark project

55f15601b0e38_hunter2 (1024x683)


Faber Blinds is helping to inspire the next generation of landscape professionals and raise awareness of green infrastructure at the RHS Hyde Hall’s new Learning Centre.

The company, part of the Hunter Douglas Group, has supplied solar shading solutions for the £3m new facility. The project is a beacon of sustainability for the construction industry and the significant environmental credentials of the Hunter Douglas product portfolio were instrumental in seeing the Faber system specified.

Part of a multi-million pound investment across a number of the Royal Horticultural Society’s sites in the UK, the centre  will help children to develop their understanding and experience of growing fruit & vegetables, cooking them and generally create an environment for learning. It will significantly improve the visitor experience for adults and enable the RHS to share and build expert knowledge by raising the levels of standards, accessibility and interpretation.

Faber’s 1800 FTS system has been utilised at the visitor centre. “The specialist high tension 5100 series fabric provides an excellent solar shading solution and has had a very direct cost and saving benefit,” explains Mike Foulston, Contracts Manager at Faber Blinds.

“We fitted the shades over the tills and fresh produce area to reduce spoilt goods and enhance customer and operator satisfaction.”

Faber 1800 FTS is an efficient and flexible internal motorised blind system that can be used in pitched or horizontal roof light windows.

The hardware of the blind can be fully enclosed in a square head box and there is a choice of various side channels to suit all applications. The system is especially suitable for installation in a concealed recess or above a ceiling when provision is made for this at the design stage of a project, so that the blind can be fitted in such a way that it is only visible when lowered.

Faber 1800 FTS can be used for both large and small windows, but the system has been specifically designed for large areas of glazing with each blind capable of covering an area up to 4000 x 6000 mm.

Located in the Hilltop Garden on the site of the existing grain barn, the Learning Centre is composed of two flexible classrooms, with a demonstration kitchen in each and an exemplar teaching garden. The rooms will be suitable for a range of groups and ages, including multiple school classes, adult learning courses and public lectures.

“The design is organised around a well-proportioned courtyard to help align the new Learning Centre with the existing buildings on the site,” explained a spokesman for architects Cullinan Studio.

“The exciting roof-form responds to the climate and support sustainability by providing protection, collecting rainwater, supporting solar panels, controlling daylight and fresh air.”

Faber Blinds, part of the Hunter Douglas group, is internationally recognised for fabricating outstanding solar shading solutions for commercial premises. It offers a wide range of products supplying both internal and external blinds, as well as awnings and brise soleil.

For almost 50 years, Hunter Douglas products have contributed to the sustainable thermal, acoustic and visual appeal of buildings across a wide range of branches and sectors, from trade to industry and from the catering business to government. These products consistently meet the needs of architects, designers and contractors, thanks to Hunter Douglas’ intensive collaboration with these parties. – See more at: http://specificationonline.co.uk/news-article/8957/hunter-douglas-sustainable-faber-blinds-products-feature-in-new-landmark-project#sthash.zq8JHBXH.dpuf

Have sex in the dark if you want to get pregnant – really?

Blackout blinds could help you conceive according to this new study.




If you want to get pregnant, you should have sex in the dark. That’s what the tabloids are saying today, after researchers in the US and Japan found that menstrual cycles were disrupted by differences in light.

The study – on mice – found that the fertility of pre-menopausal female mice was improved or reduced by differences in the light-dark cycle – younger mice were unaffected.

So what does it really mean? Well, it’s long been known that lots of the body’s processes follow a natural daily rhythm that’s based on 24-hour day to night cycles. And previous research has shown that light at night can suppress the production of melatonin – which could affect ovulation and the viability of eggs.

This new study suggests that fertility in middle-aged women can be improved by sleeping in darkness – without streetlight seeping through the curtains and the glare of mobile phones. So it might be an idea to invest in some blackout blinds if you’re trying to conceive. But as to whether you switch the lights off or not for sex – it doesn’t make a difference!

“In modern society, females are exposed to many challenging perturbations in the environment that might play a role in fertility difficulties–we now live with high light levels in the evening, and our sleep cycle is disrupted by shift work or crossing time zones,” said co-author Gene Block, of the University of California Los Angeles.

“The ability to rescue reproductive function by altering the light schedule in a rodent model suggests that improvements in ‘circadian hygiene’–for example, reductions in evening illumination, more regular meal timing, or avoiding rotating shiftwork or schedules that lead to irregular sleep–may all be important remedies for reproductive difficulty.”


Starving dog was found dead hanging from blinds after woman abandoned it in her flat

Aleshia McLaverty, 23, today avoided a prison sentence after the starved maggot-infested black Labrador was discovered by shocked animal welfare officers

Belfast LiveAleshia McLaverty, leaves Antrim Court after pleading guilty to dog cruelty by leaving a dog at a house in Antrim

An emaciated pet dog was found dead hanging upside down from blinds after its owner abandoned it in her flat.

Aleshia McLaverty, 23, today avoided a prison sentence after the starved maggot-infested black Labrador was discovered by shocked animal welfare officers.

McLaverty was given a two month jail term suspended for two years and was also banned from keeping animals for five years at Antrim Magistrates Court, reportsBelfast Live.

At a previous court, Deputy District Judge Chris Holmes said pictures he was shown in the case were “the worst photos I have ever seen of cruelty to an animal”.

She pleaded guilty to charges of permitting unnecessary pain or distress to a dog under her control and being the keeper of a dog without a valid licence.

Belfast LiveAleshia McLaverty has been accused of abandoning a black Labrador dog in a flat where it was found dead "hanging from blinds". Her case at Antrim Magistrates Court has been adjourned until August
Banned: The 23-year-old can not keep another animal for five years

McLaverty no longer lives at Firmount Drive in Antrim, Belfast, where the dog was found.

Outside the court McLaverty, who has a young child, did not comment.

Malcolm Irvine, prosecuting, said after receiving a report from a member of the public about a dead dog at a property, animal welfare officers gained entry to the property in April last year to be met with a “pungent” smell and a house full of flies with floors covered with dog faeces.

An emaciated Labrador-cross type dog was found dead hanging upside down from a blind cord with maggots in its mouth and eyes.

Mr Irvine said there was no food and the toilet bowl was dry suggesting the dog had drank from it and there were scratch marks on packets of food consistent with the dog trying to find something to eat.

A post mortem revealed the dog died of dehydration and starvation and it was likely in its death throes it tried to jump through a window in a last gasp bid to escape but then became entangled on a blind.

Google MapsAleshia McLaverty has been accused of abandoning a black Labrador dog in a flat where it was found dead "hanging from blinds". Her case at Antrim Magistrates Court (pictured) has been adjourned until August
Antrim Magistrates Court

During interviews McLaverty first said the dog belonged to her sister and that she herself did not live in the house as she had gone to stay with her mother but later in court she pleaded guilty to the offences.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson said it was a “tragic case of passive neglect” and said the house was registered to McLaverty but she took nothing to do with it and her sister had lived in the address at some stage.

He said although McLaverty owned the dog she did not have direct control of it and the house was “abandoned” and had not been lived in for some time.

He said it was the sort of tragic case which “captures the ire of the community” and he said McLaverty, who now lives with her partner and their child, was “very emotional and distressed” and came to the court with a “good character” and with a clear record.

By her guilty plea he said she accepted she knew the dog was in the house and “effectively did nothing about it”.

Suspending a two months jail term for two years, District Judge Alan White said he had to give credit for the guilty plea and her clear record and the fact she has a “new baby” and he ordered her to pay costs of £119.

Eighty new jobs at Decora Blinds

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell  is joined by Decora Blind Systems Managing Director Stuart Dickson as the Minister announces an investment which will create 80 new jobs over the next two years at the family-owned company�

Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell is joined by Decora Blind Systems Managing Director Stuart Dickson as the Minister announces an investment which will create 80 new jobs over the next two years at the family-owned company”s Lisburn factory. Picture: Michael Cooper


Enterprise, Trade and Investment Minister Jonathan Bell MLA has announced Decora Blind Systems plans to expand in Lisburn, creating 80 new jobs over the next two years.

The family-owned blind manufacturing business is benefiting from an Invest Northern Ireland employment grant of £240,000 towards the new jobs. Recruitment is underway and 43 of the roles are already in place.

Jonathan Bell said: “Over the last 35 years, Decora has grown into a dynamic, innovative business and this expansion, supported by Invest NI, underlines its drive and ambition to succeed in markets outside Northern Ireland.

“Decora is ranked as one of the largest window blind producers in the UK and its clients include some of the largest independent blind companies in the country.

“The company has focused on manufacturing and wholesaling speciality products, introducing contemporary ranges with high value design properties.

“Once in place, the 80 new jobs will generate £1.4 million annually in additional salaries and offer employment opportunities across a range of roles including customer service and manufacturing.”

Stuart Dickson, Managing Director of Decora Blinds Systems, said: “Decora’s business growth over the past five years has been consistent. Our continued goal is to ensure employee, customer and supplier relationships are harnessed to their full potential.

“This makes sure that we continue to have the passion, creativity and imagination to continue to produce blind solutions that deliver and communicate value to our customers.

“We use this dedicated work ethic along with state of the art processes and systems for endless product possibilities.

“We are striving to create new opportunities for continued growth across our workforce to support the corporate strategy.”