Bi-Fold Door Blinds

At Deva Blinds Cheshire Blinds, we cater to each window, no matter the style or shape of it.

A recent trend we have found is Bi-Fold door blinds. These are normally 3+ doors that run along a track and fold back on themselves, to open out onto a garden.

There are many benefits into having blinds for your Bi-Fold doors, such as keeping your privacy of your home, but at the same time being able to have large windows to let in the light. In addition to this, blinds will add thermal efficiency to your Bi-Fold doors, making sure the maximum amount of heat is kept inside your house in the colder months.

The best types of blinds we suggest that would work best for a Bi-Fold door would be Roller Blinds or Vision Blinds in a single cassette.

Deva blinds Cheshire Blinds specialises in supplying and fitting energy saving pleated blinds.  They reflect the heat during the summer and help keep heat in in the winter.  They also reduce the glare from the sun.

Please see the below videos as an example of a recent fitting we have completed on Bi-Fold doors.

To take a look at all of our most recent fittings to help you get an idea of what type of blinds you may like, click here.

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